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How It all Started

It was July 16th 2012, Christine & Rodrigue were spending a quiet afternoon in their cozy apartment on the Upper East Side... And the idea was born!

Let’s introduce Authentic Lebanese cuisine to New Yorkers!  And instead of waiting for people to come to a place and experience Lebanese eats, they decided to go to them!

Food truck it is! They built their truck, and destination Upper West Side! 

Toum hits the streets, and people from all corners of the city started lining up waiting to have a bite like they've never had before… From Upper West Side to Midtown Manhattan, the truck’s most popular spot was on 46th St between 5th & 6th...

Fast forward a couple of years, they evolved into pop-ups and cafeterias allowing them to showcase authentic Lebanese cuisine inside corporate buildings… 

They became the talk of the town, and the additional exposure opened new horizons with people coming to them seeking catering... And from offices we hit homes, mastering the art of catering all types of events, weddings, dinner parties, expanding to cover not only New York, but New Jersey, Connecticut and the Hamptons... 


And here we are today… taking our dream to the next level…

We hope to serve you real soon!

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