Toum (Pronounced "Toom") is Lebanese for garlic.

Toum is also known as the national condiment in Lebanon and our signature dip.

Who doesn't like Toum? 

We are a family owned food truck, caterer, pop up, and restaurateur. Working in the food industry for 15 plus years, we decided to venture on our own path due to our love of all things culinary and for the love of our growing family. We opened Toum in 2012.

And we are so happy we did it! 

We have a small Lebanese community here in NYC and there weren't many places we could recommend to our friends after we entertained. Although we loved engaging with food and friends, it started getting out of hand. Our friends started fighting over leftovers, which led to Tupperware never to be seen again. Not to mention our neighbors started getting friendly and asked what we were cooking. Thus adding to the cycle. We started receiving inquiries about catering from our little family network and eventually offices started calling! Then weddings, then festivals. Soon enough we started getting a following from suits, moms, and hipsters alike!

And we love that they love everything we lovingly make. 

So take a gander at the mouth watering pictures. We promise its better in person.

Read our reviews on our social media and if you're interested, contact us for a tasting or get straight to the point and place an order!